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    Niki Norberg

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    ❤ instagram: vegansatan

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    Looking for good dream material? Picture the landscape in Patagonia.


    Patagonia Time Lapse

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    this is my FAVORITE one so far

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    Slept on the roof with my best friend. Watched a sky full of stars at night and woke up to the sun rising over the ocean. Such an amazing weekend.

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    think of me 

  8. © Tokyo Ghoul [Vol 1 - 12] 

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    Do not touch your body with bad intentions. Rub your belly when it is full. Stroke your soft skin. Hug yourself, even if it’s silly, because it feels nice. Pleasure yourself. Do not touch your body with bad intentions. Do not pinch at the fat on your stomach. Do not scratch at your skin. Do not hate the shell you’re encased in.

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    Varanasi, India: “Beyond” Documentary

    The Aghori Magesh

    No fucks given.

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    Monk at Angkor Wat. Thailand.

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    Ad Campaign by Amnesty International Switzerland

    Switzerland are always forward thinkers.

    this is one of the most humbling ad campaigns i’ve seen.


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    Not ours! Contact for removal or credit if yours!

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